What were you born to do?

A future superheroIt may seem odd, but as a marketing coach, that is a question I like to address with new clients. That’s because when we market in that area, we’ll see the biggest success.

Here’s why:

I believe that you, no matter where you are in life, were born with unique gifts and talents to do something remarkable. I’m talking true potential. I guarantee you, it’s inside you right now eagerly waiting to burst on to the scene and wow you and the people you are designed to serve. (Living that kind of life is remarkably fun by the way.)

I first experienced this concept when I was writing a speech for one of Caterpillar’s most respected vice presidents, Gerry Shaheen, as we sat in his big corner office one afternoon. His knowledge of international affairs, currency, and trends was mind numbing to this 28 year old mid-westerner. I feverishly took notes, quietly absorbing and appreciating the sheer scope of his knowledge and responsibility.

Pleasantly, probably sensing my curiosity, he digressed for a minute to give me a rare insight into his family and his philosophy. He shared bits about his family’s heritage. Gerry had been groomed to be the leader he was much like a prince is groomed to be king. In fact, he shared how his parents groomed him and his twin brother for leadership from a young age.* His parents purposeful efforts paid off nicely. Gerry had risen to one of the top positions in one of the world’s largest companies at an admirably early age and his twin brother had done the same – serving as CEO for one of the world’s largest consulting firms at the time.

“I was born to make Caterpillar profitable,” he confidently stated. I remember at the time finding such a bold statement both arrogant and odd. It’s only now that, with the appreciation of 40+ years in life, that I can grasp and admire his clear understanding of purpose. Indeed he was spectacular at what he did for the company, and there were literally tens of thousands of employees, families, communities, and share holders who owed their income to his diligence.

Now granted, not everyone is called to give their lives to a corporation like Mr. Shaneen, but some are. Others are called to be servants, and leaders, and teachers, and, yes, even politicians. The sad truth is, very few people ever make a decision to discover what that is, get the skills to do it, and then go after it. (Others do it with wrong motives.)

But oh, what an amazing thing it is when people find their purpose.

I’m recently began consulting a small startup ministry team working to change the hearts, minds, and future of incarcerated teenage boys. The stories of young boys whose lives are being completely rewritten is miraculous. Now, I don’t take any credit for the work they are doing, but it’s certainly my joy, pleasure, and calling to help them spread their message and engage their audience. Without an engaged audience,they lack financial support to do what they’re doing. It’s understanding that purpose that makes my work enjoyable.

As your marketing coach, it’s my calling and unique opportunity to help you get your message out. To hone in on your special something and connect you with the audience that needs precisely what you have to offer.

When that connection is made, what happens next is, well, you know, remarkable.

So, here’s the question that is probably on your mind now. What am I born to do? Some of you already know and are pursuing it. Some of you are in the right field, but perhaps you haven’t quite nailed down the exact niche. Some of you wish an angel would appear carrying a sign with an exact title, location, and preprinted business cards. (If that happens for you, please let me know. I personally tried and had no success.)

If you’re still in the wondering (wandering) phase, here are 3 questions that may help. Beyond that, it can enlightening to update your resume. I had to chuckle as I looked back over my work experiences, volunteer positions, favorite projects, hobbies and personal book collection. Everything pointed to marketing, but many were disguised under a different title.

Now it is your turn. Answer these questions as quickly as you can with whatever comes to mind first:

  • What do you like to daydream about?
  • If you were a kid again enjoying a carefree summer, what would you be doing?
  • What excites you?

It may take some time, thought and prayer but seeking the answer to your life purpose is worth it (and usually very profitable). When you’re ready to start spreading the message, I’d be honored to help.

Grooming the Next Generation for Success*As a mom, I’m working to help my own children begin identifying their gifts now so I can groom them for success much like Mr, Shaheen’s parents did for him. The step-by-step CD/DVD program that has been most enlightening and helpful to me for both my own path and my girls is Grooming the Next Generation for Success. You’ll be surprised at what you didn’t know about raising kids.

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