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dailysuccessWhy are we our own worst enemy?

I’ve mentioned before that I work harder on myself than anything else.

This past Sunday I decided I was going to recommit to my perfect morning ritual every day. It’s a relatively-simple plan that includes personal study, a little exercise, and 15 minutes of business reading before my girls get up. When I do it, my days are significantly more productive. Unfortunately my girls’ went back to school recently and their new schedule has wrecked havoc on my preferred schedule.

Fast forward less than one day after I declared my new morning hours and for some reason I managed to “listen” to the radio alarm for the full hour. The FULL hour. Really?

Anyone else relate to this?

Last week I gave you a little quiz to score yourself on some key areas of time management to avoid burnout. Yes, one of them was “Morning Ritual”. (#sigh)

To avoid the burnout that’s pervasive among small business owners your goal is look at your weak areas and try to improve the score.

Even an improvement of 1-2 points can make a BIG difference so it’s worth the effort.

Here’s a really easy way to gain a couple of points:

Schedule an appointment with yourself for whatever area you need to work on…and then (a-hem) keep it.

For me, it’s a time block from 6 to 7 am for “Morning Ritual”.
And there’s a time block every Monday morning to “Write Blog”
And for my marriage, I added “Date Night” every week
And for work, I added “Business Strategy” to my Friday mornings…etc.

This week our family will be time blocking some fall weekend getaways.

My calendar is now full when I look at it, which I thought would be stressful, but instead I see it as filled with the things I most like to do.

My calendar reflects my priorities!

Best of all, I can see what client/volunteer work I still have time for in a week and when I’m maxed out — all AFTER my priorities are honored.

Try it yourself. Go to your calendar now and schedule a recurring appointment for every area you want to improve…and then honor it.

If you miss a day/week, don’t beat yourself up. Just leave it on the calendar and try again.

You can add a bit of a game element to it by playing Don’t Break the Chain. The two ideas work really well together.

Here’s your challenge for the week:

Schedule at least one recurring appointment with yourself, for yourself. Daily, weekly, monthly – whatever is right for the goal.

Just save the time and make the space to add it to your life.

To your remarkable success,
– Nicole

P.S. I love hearing your ideas. Let me know what you decided to add in the comments below:

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