Do this. Not that.

“Where is your current marketing in-congruent with the message you’re trying to send?”

We’re busy, so easy for us as business owners to forget to stop and view our business from our customers’ perspective. Today I decided to share three simple things you can do to strengthen your brand quickly and create a strong clear message.

  • Make it easy and pleasant to do business with you. If you’re difficult to contact or you only have one way of getting more information, you’ve greatly limited your incoming lead generation. Don’t let your only entry point be “call for a free consultation”. Look for ways that might engage people who are not quite ready to pick up the phone for a one-on-one conversation yet.
  • Convey competence. This is a matter of actions and words. Clean up the piles on your desk, dress for success, arrive on time, and keep all outward appearances under control. Watch your social media persona too. Every once and a while I’ll see a small business owner completely destroy their credibility online – like a nutritionist who complains of frequent headaches or a personal assistant for hire who shares a bit too much about her (out-of-control) personal life.
  • Be authentic. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. You can be you – to the right audience. If you’re fun to be around and witty but your marketing and profile photos make you appear prim, proper, and professional – you may drive away the people who would most enjoy working with you. Build your brand around you and your ideal client.

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