The Remarkable Way – 90 Day Transformation Worksheet

You are remarkable.

You are remarkable.

If you’re feeling behind the 8-ball because everyone else has their 2015 goals all nicely typed out and synced to all their digital devices, no worries. Here’s a quick 1-page worksheet that takes only a few minutes to complete and gives you amazing clarity right now.

The Remarkable 90-Day Transformation

Goal setting doesn’t have to be an annual challenge. In fact, because the world of business is changing so fast, Verne Harnish, author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits argues quite effectively that businesses should focus on 90 day goals and a 5 year vision.

This simple worksheet is the same process I use with my mastermind members for the first 90-day period. It’s designed to help you identify and key-in on the roadblocks that are keeping you from moving forward in the areas you really want to be spending your time on.

90-Day WorksheetForget big 52-week goal setting and focus on what matters NOW.

This 90-day transformation worksheet helps you focus on removing the roadblocks in your business right now. You’ll start by identifying your 3 biggest frustrations. (I bet two have already come to your mind.)

I think you’ll find it’s nice and easy. Take 10 and do it now.

Click here to download and print the worksheet.

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