4 Ways to Shutdown Overwhelm Immediately

Feeling overwhelmed today?

I’ll keep this short.

Here are four fast ways to put a stop to it before 5 pm Friday so you can enjoy your weekend.

  1. Shut down email. It’s killing your focus and adding to your To Do list by the minute. Check email around lunch and around 4 pm and then close it down. That goes for Facebook and Twitter too.
  2. Take a 20-minute emergency office cleaning break. Turn on some fun music and quickly sort the piles so you know what’s really work, and what’s not.
    Trash one pile just because you’re the boss and you can.
  3. Translate the piles into a Prioritized To Do list. Get it all on one sheet of paper.
    Don’t forget to add the mental list you’re carrying. Write it all down so you can forget about it.
  4. Act like it’s the day before vacation and you must get it done quickly.
    Accept that good is good enough today. Close the door and knock it out.

Now, get what needs to be done done…and enjoy your weekend.

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  • Mike Marion

    Reply Reply September 27, 2012

    Nicole, I’m sure you are very good at the assistance and advice you give others in the marketing field. When I think of the spectacular work you do, it reminds me of a quote that a person in my life made before he passed away. He told me, and I quote, “if you see something going wrong and do nothing to correct it, you have just set a new standard for those you are responsible for!

    So often I have thought of his quote and decided to change my focus. At that time many of my personal goals changed. At some risk of acquaintances, iI knew that the sincerity of my conviction had the most to do with trust and belief in Christianity. LOL keep up the good work,

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