Simplify Your Life Week – Time Management

I still value paper and colored pens.

The first week of August is officially “Simplify your life week”, so I thought I’d share three of my favorite time management tools today.

  • iCal – the calendar app on the iPhone is my favorite reminder system. I use it for meetings, events, call reminders, even to schedule my pets’ flea medicine application. I set almost every event up for a text reminder either a day or an hour ahead of time. As my high-school classmate once said, “Write it down so you can forget about it.” Of course, that was 25 years ago when paper was the only option.


  • Speaking of paper: Planner Pad is my favorite week-at-a-glance paper calendar system. (Yes, I still like paper.) Believe me, I’ve tried many over the years and this is just the right amount of paper planning for me. It allows me to divide my week by priorities first (God, family, work, volunteer, etc.) and the break those into tasks by day, and then times. Clever in a remarkably simple kind of way.


  • When it comes to managing my kids’ time, I like iAllowance – This great iPhone/iPad app systematizes dishing out chores and paying your kids. I like how I can schedule something as a reoccurring daily or weekly task and check in on how their doing, and how much I owe at any time. It even allows me to automatically divide their payouts into different piggy banks (i.e., tithe/charity, long-term, medium-term and mad money). I’m even considering setting myself up on the chores list so it reminds me what day to do what chore, like shopping, laundry, and dog baths. I think I’ll reward myself well.

Now it’s your time to share. What’s your secret for managing your to-do list so you can forget about it?

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