Should you pursue it or not?


I finally got to meet one of my favorite marketing mentors – Amy Porterfield! No one teaches Facebook as well as Amy.

As I mentioned last week, I had the honor of participating in two private masterminds over the last couple of weeks – one in San Diego and one in Dallas.

It was pretty cool. I got to spend the day with one of my favorite mentors – Amy Porterfield (pictured at right), and I had lunch with film star Glenn Moreshower on the 2nd trip (a/k/a Aaron Pierce on 24 – the only TV series I’ve watched consistently in years). You should hear Glenn speak about following “The Whisper”. That’s his real passion.

From the four days of Masterminding, I brought home a few goodies for you to chew on too.

One of the genius little ideas I gathered was called the “Decision-Making Trifecta“.

It’s three simple questions to ask before you proceed down a new path.

The Decision-Making Trifecta: Should I do ‘it’?

1. Income Potential – Is this opportunity worth the time and money to be invested?

2. Competency – Can we deliver with excellence?

3. Lifestyle – Does it support our overall family vision?

Great questions to ask before saying yes to about anything.

The Trifecta came from a man named Anthony Obey. You can check out his kickstarter campaign for naturally curly hair products. And yes, his new company plans earned a YES on all 3 questions.

Lots of other great people and ideas in the room. Watch for more in the coming weeks.

To your remarkable success,

– Nicole


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