Are you selling the wrong thing?

Something interesting happened last week and I thought it would be of value to you. I was in Indy finishing up a business mastermind of which I’m a participant (a rare treat for me) and I was talking to one of the other members about an idea that had surfaced during the session. She was struggling to make a marketing campaign work for their business although they knew that it should be taking off. It is a really cool service, and it should be selling like hotcakes, but it isn’t.

As we chatted for a minute, I realized she was selling the entirely wrong thing. She was selling what she thought their customers would respond to – and pitching it using the wrong words. (Take note, copywriting is critical.) Everything she was saying was actually turning her target customers away.

Here’s what we need to remember as marketers.
People spend money on four primary things:
1. To make money.
2. To save money or time.
3. To avoid effort.
4. To solve a pain – real or perceived.

Her service fits beautifully with #4, but her materials had nothing to do with that primary need.
I thought maybe some of you might have the same problem, so here are three questions to ask yourself and compare with your current marketing message:

– What problems and challenges are your ideal prospects having that they would pay anything or do anything to solve?
– Why are your products/services the best solution to their problem?
– How can you prove it?

When you express the answers to these three questions, attracting your ideal client becomes much easier. Try it.

To your remarkable success!
– Nicole

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