Putting Personality in Your Marketing [audio interview]

One of the greatest advantages a small business owner has is the complete freedom to insert cleverness and personality into their marketing. Join me this month as I interview one of the most well-know queens of personality marketing – my friend and mentor Nina Hersberger.
Nina Hersberger is the owner ofMegaBucks Marketingand she’s an international celebrity in the direct marketing world for her done-for-you newsletters and her infamous wallet mailer. She’s been featured in a number of books, videos and on stage for her clever marketing ideas including newsletters and direct mail pieces.


During the interview Nina shares:

  • Where to find really inexpensive lumpy mail ideas anytime.
  • How even the little guy can beat big slow corporations with big budgets.
  • How to convert your newsletter into sales.
  • How to start a newsletter with minimal time and effort
  • and more.
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