How Rose Got a NPR Author Interview

How Rose got a NPR Author Interview

NPR Author Interviews Can Be a Real Boost for Business

Here’s How to Get Your Book (and Business) on a Show:

When it comes to pleasant surprises for new book authors, one of the sweetest is how excited the SPOUSE gets.
This summer we had a couple of husbands bragging so often about their wives’ new books, I debated on getting the guys T-shirts saying…


They’re stopping people in restaurants…
selling books at work…
telling strangers on vacation…

Which is why, I love that Rose Lounsbury’s husband decided his wife deserved a NPR Author Interview about her book Less. Minimalism for Real.

And so she followed up on his idea…
…and that idea landed her a 1-hour NPR author interview to talk about her book!

And her business!!

Think a 1-hour NPR Author Interview would help you get clients?

Here’s how Rose got her chance to be featured as one of NPRs hot new book authors:

  1. She Googled the broadcaster to research the show and make sure her content was a fit for his audience. (She wasn’t intimidated by the 1200+ big name authors, politicians, and celebrities he’d interviewed in the past.)
  2. She identified a few points from which she could make a personal connection to the host and his show topics.
  3. She sent him an email introducing herself, referencing a couple notes from #2, and asked if she could mail him a copy of her book for consideration.

Remember, NPR hosts have the same challenge as any other news media outlet.
They’re constantly looking for stories to fill daily shows.

In Rose’s case, the host requested the book, liked it, and scheduled her author interview!
“It was that easy!” she said.


Being a book author opens doors for you to talk about your business!

Rose’s media interview opportunties are now coming more and more frequently.

She’s quickly racking up “As Seen On” logos including NPR, CBS and FOX for added credibility to her business too.
…not to mention regular invitations to speak to groups and organizations.

And her book sales spike as a result of every media interview she does.

That keeps her book among the top rankings on Amazon so browsers are much more likely to discover her.
And of course, her book is built to drive interest in her business.

Now you can see why all this media attention is helping Rose grow her business much more rapidly than she could have without a bestselling book as her #1 marketing asset. And it’s all FREE!

(Want to know more about her book strategy? Watch my Book Tour interview with Rose.)

Would you like free media attention for your book & business?

We specialize in helping leaders write the right book to help them get their message heard and grow their business.

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