Millionaire Formulas for Your Business

I promised I’d share a few more lessons from my mastermind weekends in Dallas and San Diego.

The Magic Time Machine

Our Mastermind group after one of the most unusual dinners I’ve ever had. The Dallas restaurant is called “The Magic Time Machine” and our group meal was called “The Roman Orgy”. Needless to say, I stayed near the door just in case. ; )

Today’s quick tips come from Mike Crow (pictured in the blue shirt above). He’s built two multi-million dollar home inspector businesses and now he teaches others how to do the same.

I like Mike because he thinks in terms of processes and systems like I do.

Mike shared some great formulas/recipes for us to keep in mind in business and in life. See how many of these proven Millionaire Formulas you can apply immediately:

Millionaire Business Formulas

  • Block at least 2 hours of Focus Time every week to work ON your business. Work on delegating so you can increase that time.
  • On-time is late. Arrive 30 minutes early for every meeting where you serve your clients. Arrive no later than 10 minutes early for all other meetings.
  • Find 5 uses for every marketing message. (Brochure, blog, free report, email message, bonus product, presentation material, etc.).
  • Know your numbers. How many calls do you need to make to get a sales presentation? How many presentations do you need to have to close one sale? How many sales do you need to make to achieve your goals?
  • Have numbers for your employees and require them to report daily. Example: 10 office visits, 10 phone calls & 10 emails a day.
  • It takes 5 touches to make a sale. Intentionally plan out all 5.
  • If something is 70% good, roll it out.
  • Schedule a date night every week. Put it on your calendar & honor it.

Got a comment or a recipe to add? Share it below!

To your success,
– Nicole

P.S. Take action now challenge: Open your calendar and block 2 hours every week for Focus Time and add one Date Night a week.

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