4 marketing opportunities over the holidays

For Christmas, I have 4 marketing opportunities for you…and “My Fast Guide” of booth marketing ideas as a gift (see #4). Enjoy!

Marketing Opportunity #1:

I brought one of my daughters to the office last week. It cracks me up to see these little mini-me’s working at my desk. If you find the time, post a picture of your mini-me working at your office to my Facebook page (that’s my Business Page, not my personal page). Feel free to show off your kids (or pets!) and cleverly promote what you do as well.

Marketing Opportunity #2:

Have you noticed a shortage of Christmas Cards this year?

I’ve received a third of the Christmas cards I normally do, so I was getting a bit of a complex until friends said they’ve noticed the same thing. From a business perspective, that’s exciting. Here’s why: When any marketing opportunity is underutilized, your ability to stand out increases significantly. So, even if you missed getting your business holiday cards out in 2013, make plans now to do something remarkable in 2014. You could be the only card in the mailbox. I’ll share a blog post of ideas in September.

Marketing Opportunity #3:

Speaking of underutilized ideas…

What if you published a book in the next 3 months?

For the past two years I’ve been working with clients to plan, publish and promote a book to market their business and the results have been game-changing HUGE for them. The self-publishing course is based on my book: Book It! Turn Your Self-Published Book into Paying Customers. Here are two client testimonials:

RandiParisBookWith Nicole Gebhardt’s guidance, we developed the idea for an intriguing book called The Top Ten Things About The Trucking Industry That You Don’t Know…And Why It’s Costing You Money. Even before the book was done, new doors started to open. At a trucking convention, I met the leader of a national organization for women in trucking. After hearing about my upcoming book, she invited me to speak on a panel at the convention, and then scheduled me as a guest on her weekly Sirus/XM radio show! Being recognized as a leader for women in trucking would never have happened without the book.

Randi Paris, Owner, Ben Freight Trucking

Tressa Heath Cover v5 3dI began writing my book eight months pregnant with two toddlers, running a business, and leading into the holiday season, but it really wasn’t that big of a task to tackle because of Nicole’s guidance. Being a numbers’ girl, I can positively say the effort was worth it! News of the book’s release attracted a large article in the newspaper about me and our new firm (which led to more clients) and two speaking gigs shortly thereafter (which also led to new clients). We’re earning back our initial one-time investment in the book every month…and then some!

– Tressa Heath, Heath CPA & Associates

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, my new 3-month ONLINE course (yip, on-demand, no travel) makes it easy. I’ll guide you step-by-step to organize, write publish and promote your own book in about 3 months. Check it out here >> www.bookitauthors.com

And finally:

Marketing Opportunity #4:

Planning to rent a Trade Show or Expo Booth?

Booth marketing can be one of your biggest marketing opportunities all year…if you plan wisely. Grab this Expo Marketing Guide for a number of ideas and then be sure to check out my Expo Marketing Board on Pinterest for even more.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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