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It may not be a SuperBowl-level hit, but a few weeks ago I had a really fun marketing idea for my friend and client Tressa Heath, owner of Heath CPA and Associates.

(What makes this idea even better is that Tressa’s husband is a policeman and her father-in-law is a retired sheriff.)

In this video, I share what she’s done with the idea and give you a question that may help you come up with your own clever marketing idea.

Need your own Marketing Hack idea?

Here’s the magic question you need to be asking yourself:

“How can I leverage existing relationships so that more people know about me?”

Be creative. Look at current clients, past clients, suppliers & vendors, friends, etc. Fantastic opportunities are all around you! In this case, we just took something Heath’s CPA clients were already proud of (professional accounting practices) and let them ‘wear it’ as a badge of honor.

It’s your turn. How could you get the word out about your business through your existing relationships?

– Nicole

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Nicole Gebhardt

Nicole Gebhardt is the CEO of Niche Pressworks publishing, a Marketing Strategist and Certified Publishing Coach. Through marketing consulting and book publishing she helps Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Business Leaders create compelling and effective messages to inspire people to action. Over the last 24 years she has helped build brands, expand influence, and equip authors who change the world.

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