How to Attract Attention to Your Booth [Audio Interview]

Tradeshow marketing is among the toughest challenges any small business owner will encounter when marketing their business. It’s grueling days filled with fast snacking, endless business card swapping and the occasional awkward moment when you discover you’re engaged in conversation with someone you wish you weren’t. And yet when done well, they’re very effective lead generating events.
A few days ago I cornered Mark Brandyberry and asked him if he’d mind sharing a bit of his 25+ years experience in Trade Show Marketing and audience engagement.
Mark is the owner of Show & Tell Marketing and has traveled the world representing large and small corporations at their tradeshow and expo events. As an accomplished magician and witty public speaker, Mark is THE GUY to hire to attract attention and make audiences happy (that is if you can’t afford a beautiful model, but I’ll let him explain that in the audio).

During the interview Mark shares:

  • How to stand out in a crowd of look-alike businesses.
  • Who to take with you, and who to leave at the office.
  • What NOT to wear. The deadly trade show uniform.
  • How much time to spend with a prospect.
  • And how to perform a “catch and release”.
  • And how to translate all of this into speaking in front of an audience as well.
Whether it’s at your booth, or any form of presenting to a buying audience, Mark’s advice will help you engage with your audience and keep them where you want them – “wanting more”.

Planning to rent a Trade Show or Expo Booth?

Grab this Expo Marketing Guide for a number of ideas and then be sure to check out my Expo Marketing Board on Pinterest for even more.

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