“Let’s roll…” and other profoundly spoken words

I spent this beautiful Sunday afternoon and evening watching TV for one reason. I felt I owed it to the people, families, and heroes who have given their lives as a result of the 9/11 attacks.

Ten years ago today I also sat silently watching TV with my precious six month old daughter playing on the floor beside me. I wondered what world I had brought her into. None of us knew where life was headed. Tonight she joined my side again, trying to understand the events of her birth year.

Three memories of 9/11 events have clung with me over the years.

  • The silence of the news team. There was no script, no meaningful word for the scene unfolding just down the street from the Today Show studio. No words to describe when the camera caught an affluent young black man in a crisp white shirt falling to his death. They took in every horrifying moment of the attack on their city as we did.
  • The reports of bravery on Flight 93. The people who saw what had to be done and did it no matter what the cost. And the beautiful, courageous words of Todd Beamer: “Let’s roll.”
  • And finally, perhaps most importantly to the nation, a unified Congress gathered on the steps of the Capitol building singing “God Bless America”.

Words matter. A word aptly spoken can encourage, soothe, and gather.

What are you speaking to your clients? Are you silent? Are you broadcasting fluff – advertising to suit your needs instead of speaking to theirs? Your ideal clients need you speaking to them authentically. Encouraging them. Soothing them and gathering them together.

Don’t under estimate the value your words bring into other people’s lives. You’re a problem solver. It’s time you reassured your clients help is on the way.

In a couple of weeks I’m going to host a course on Email Marketing. The details will be announced this week, but if you struggle to find the right words to connect with your clients in an authentic way, you need to be there. Most importantly, you need to understand how to break through the clutter to ensure your message is warmly received. I’m going to help you with that.

In the meantime, be sure to request my 5-part video series on Becoming More Attractive to Your Ideal Client (see box at right). You can’t help them if they don’t know about you.

It’s time.

Let’s roll…


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