How to track project time easily

I’m always studying experts to see how they do things. One of their common time management disciplines is time blocking.

Time Blocking is the practice of scheduling To Do items as actual appointments on your calendar. In that manner, you treat your agenda as importantly as you would any client appointment.

I’ve been working on adopting time blocking, but one of the things I keep underestimating is the total project time.

So this week I’m using a great little app called “Toggl” to track the time I spend on common tasks…like blogging…so I can accurately time block it in the future.

Toggl works on your desktop, Android or iOS device…and it’s one of my favorite Free Resources for Small Business

You can also use Toggl to track time spent on client work, or tasks you want to delegate or outsource. It even allows you to set a dollar value on the time spent.

You can find a link to Toggl (favorite app #4) and other cool apps here.

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