How to Take a GREAT Profile Picture

Dreading getting a new profile picture? It’s easier than you think to get something you’ll like.

Here’s how to take a great profile picture:

  1. Hire a pro that has a portfolio of profile pics. There’s a big difference between photographers and their specialties. Get one who specializes in business clients.
  2. This isn’t the license branch. Make sure your photographer will take several of you to get the best image.
  3. Smile with your eyes. Cheerleaders are taught this simple trick which adds a genuine sparkle to the eyes. To achieve a sparkle of your own, think of someone you deeply love the moment the cameraman shoots.

    I took my daughter to help me on this photo shoot...and the cameraman added a few extra shots of us together for the fun of it. See the sparkle in her mother's eyes?

    I took my daughter to help me on this photo shoot…and the cameraman added a few extra shots of us together for the fun of it. See the sparkle in her mother’s eyes?

  4. Figure out your pose in advance. I always head over to and search for “business woman” or “business group” to find poses I like for myself or clients. Then I send both the client and the photographer samples of shots I want to emulate.
  5. Wear a good color for you. Don’t wear white (unless you’re the bride). Consider matching your clothes to your business brand.
  6. Take someone you trust with you. Give them the task of standing next to the photographer and getting you to cast a genuine smile and sparkle. Put them in charge of your hair, wardrobe and makeup details too.
  7. Speaking of make-up: men, get some. I have a client with a bare forehead who has his own compact of CoverGirl to get rid of his shine for photos and video.
  8. Iron your shirt. Camera lights amplify wrinkled clothes.
  9. Let the photographer know if you’d like specific touch-up work. Half of the work for a good photo is done on the computer later.
  10. Have your profile photo retaken every other year. Three years is too long. You’ve changed and we know it.

If you love this list, let us know in the comments below!

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Nicole Gebhardt is the CEO of Niche Pressworks publishing, a Marketing Strategist and Certified Publishing Coach. Through marketing consulting and book publishing she helps Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Business Leaders create compelling and effective messages to inspire people to action. Over the last 24 years she has helped build brands, expand influence, and equip authors who change the world.

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    Dear Nicole,
    I am so happy to hear from you. I have been thinking of you. I would like to know what you are up to. And possibly set a time to discuss marketing my business.
    I am giving you a more personal email that I access from home only. I am working from home today.(fyi)
    Take care, I look forward to hearing from you.
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