How to Make Attracting Your Ideal Clients Much Easier

I7Keys_Cover was up late last night to watch a 1-hour sales video and that reminded me again that most people won’t do what I do.

I spend 4-8 hours a week studying marketing. I buy courses, books, videos, CDs, conferences, coaches, etc.

My greatest single investment is my continuing education. 

I do that so that when my clients ask “What do I do?” I know what’s working NOW and I can help them implement it in their business.

That’s my passion.

I love to break down complicated ideas into step-by-step action plans.

Attached is guide I wrote for you: 
How to Make Attracting Your Ideal Clients Much Easier.

It’s plain talk on a subject that often sounds complicated.

I wrote it because I see many business leaders who think they know what they need to be doing, and in most cases they’re wasting a whole lot of time and money on marketing that no longer works.

The guide doesn’t contain everything I know, of course…but it’s filled with 7 things you need to understand now.

Please grab a coffee, take 15 minutes and read it.

It will help you.
I promise.

P.S. At the end of this guide there’s a shameless plug for you to join me at my upcoming Breakthrough Workshop in Lafayette where you can work for me for less than $40 an hour. But hurry – the $50 savings offer from our sponsor Heath CPA & Associates ends in one week.

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Nicole Gebhardt

Nicole Gebhardt is the CEO of Niche Pressworks publishing, a Marketing Strategist and Certified Publishing Coach. Through marketing consulting and book publishing she helps Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Business Leaders create compelling and effective messages to inspire people to action. Over the last 24 years she has helped build brands, expand influence, and equip authors who change the world.

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