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Fancy Hands - Leading virtual assistant service redefines sweepstakes promotion for Lipton(R) Iced Tea's "Win An Extra SUNday" campaign. (PRNewsFoto/Fancy Hands)

I’m ridiculously excited about my new virtual assistant service provider and I think you might like it too.

It’s called FancyHands and it’s a team of people just sitting around waiting for us to email them simple tasks.

I’ve had them hard at work for me for the last couple of weeks doing things like:

  • Research keywords for a client’s book title.
  • Convert book chapters into blog posts.
  • Transcribe a podcast with time stamps for key topics.
  • Find 5 examples of great self-help book press releases.
  • Find email address for all major media outlets near Indianapolis.
  • Find Twitter accounts of business leaders in Indiana I should follow.
  • Find out if my daughter’s furniture set is still available and if I can order the materials to make it a bunk bed.
  • Research zoning and setbacks for property we are interested in buying.
  • Find 3 local companies who specialize in lawn repair.
  • Find me a hotel with Room Suites near my next business convention.
  • Research financial-industry conventions near Chicago and compile their dates and contact information. [client project]

…and so much more.

They can schedule meetings for you, send flowers, order products online, proofread material, research stuff, find vendors and prices, add people to your Twitter list, research Social Media post ideas, and lots of other cool things.

At a rate of $49/month for 15 tasks (and you can rollover what you don’t use), I love the price for the value. Particularly because they have a team of people and they decide which assistant is best qualified to do the task requested!

It’s like hiring several good employees without having to pick just one.

They offer a lot more ideas on how to use their services on their website. Check out FancyHands using my referral link (below) and you’ll also get half-off your first month.

Here’s the special price link:

Full disclosure: I will likely receive a $15 product credit if you decide to try FancyHands using my referral offer. You get your first month for half price and save 5% a year.

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