Every Thursday, quit something.

Bob GoffI don’t normally take advice from a guy that reminds me of the scientist from Back to the Future…but I am today.

If you missed the annual Global Leadership Summit, kick yourself (make plans to go next year). After just my very first session, I could have gone home and spent hours enlarging my vision.

One of my biggest ‘worth the price of admission’ take away nuggets was from Bob Goff – an insanely curious white-haired attorney and author of NYT Best Selling “Love Does“.

Bob’s advice: 

“Every Thursday, quit something.” 

He adds, “You can’t be open to new opportunities if your life is full.”

…which is why it’s critical to make it a regular habit to quit something and see what happens.

After all, the Pareto Principle shows 20% of our efforts yield 80% of our results.

That means you’re likely wasting a bunch of time anyway on things that don’t really matter.

Since today is Thursday: I challenge you to quit something.

Here’s a shopping list of quit-able ideas (as if you needed them):

    • A committee, board or group that’s going nowhere
    • High maintenance ‘friendships’
    • A high maintenance customer/project
    • A bad habit
    • Unhealthy habits
    • Television
    • Something you should hire done (like housekeeping, or task work)
    • Your regular morning routine – mix things up
    • A segment of your business
    • One of your kids’ one-to-many after school activities
    • Procrastinating on your BIG idea
    • Social Media play before you’ve tackled your most important To Do items


I’m sure your something has already come to mind…so do tell. What is it?

Share it below or add to our ideas list.

Here’s to our new opportunities!

– Nicole

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Nicole Gebhardt

Nicole Gebhardt is the CEO of Niche Pressworks publishing, a Marketing Strategist and Certified Publishing Coach. Through marketing consulting and book publishing she helps Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Business Leaders create compelling and effective messages to inspire people to action. Over the last 24 years she has helped build brands, expand influence, and equip authors who change the world.

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  • Troy

    Reply Reply August 15, 2013

    Um Understatement can I quite more than one thing every Thursday?
    What a great idea and a huge stressful challenge.

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