How to create emails that generate WOW! responses

I’m about to let you in on a secret. A way to engage brand new acquaintances and friends in a way that excites them about hearing from you. If you don’t believe me, check out just a few of the recent responses I’ve gotten from friends and brand new acquaintances after sending them an email. Afterwards, I tell you my simple secret and show you how easy it is for you to do the same:

  • “Holy Cow – thank you for the video greeting! What an impact that had on my day.” – Margaret
  • “Thanks so much for your warm greeting–it was exactly what I needed when I got home, cuz I was missing everyone already :-D” – Elise
  • “That video was awesome!!!! Thanks Nicole! It is so great to meet you!” – Karen
  • “Hi Girl – I LOVED your video e-mail and really appreciate the power it brings to marketing.” – Lizabet
  • “Nicole!!! I LOVE this!! You’ve inspired me with this to make more videos!” – Christine
  • “Wow! You are my hero! Love the hello video and your enthusiasm…” – Denny
  • “Thanks for the AWESOME video! Really enjoyed having a face-to-face chat.” – Joy
  • What a great video…..this is a service that I have never seen before…you must tell me about it.” – Diana
  • “I just watched your personal video to me. WOW! That is so cool. You will have to teach me how you did that.” – Elvie
  • “Oh, I loved this so much. I started to cry–I rarely cry–but, it was just so nice to see you while you talked. I found myself talking back to you while you were talking–it was great.” – Robin
  • “It was nice to catch up. I think this is an awesome marketing tool. I definitely want to talk to you more about this, when I saw that you literally just got home and sent a nice to see you, etc. was amazing.” – Jan

Isn’t that wild? And that’s only a selection of the most recent email replies because I only started saving them when I decided that I was on to something that other small business owners needed to know. Something far more effective than plain ol’ social media posts. Here’s the story:

Don’t forget to send me your email address and ask for your own video email. Your privacy is important to me, and I promise not to share your address with anyone.
Disclaimer: Thanks to my friend, I am an independent distributor for Talk Fusion. If you decide you want an account through me, I will earn a small (but helpful) cash reward. If that’s not OK with you, I understand. Go look for another option. If it is, then you’ll love the Quick Start Guide I’ll send you to help you create amazing video emails that generate responses like the ones above. Talk Fusion Video communication accounts start at $125 up front and just $20/month thereafter.

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