Which Business-Building Stage are You Ready for Next?

“You’re always winning the game you’re playing, ” my business coach reminds me. “So play a bigger game.”

She’s right…and I know it, but it doesn’t make my next task any easier. I literally pace the room for several minutes as I whip up the courage to make a “bigger game” phone call.

Twenty minutes later I’m in the same space celebrating and grinning ear to ear. I’d dared to do something courageous and the conversation that ensued turned into a remarkable opportunity for my client…and for my publishing business.

This client is a keynote speaker focused on Platform Building. It’s just one of the models we leverage as royalty-free publishers for business builders on a mission.

The deal I’d just negotiated will help him get national media attention using his book as the central focus. In the world of media marketing, books are game changers and thus the reason we urge all our business-building clients to get theirs done.

How we use the book varies based on the author’s business objective. In our business, we work with five types of business builders:

  1. The Empire Builder
  2. The Platform Builder
  3. The Local Authority
  4. The Champion,
  5. The Not-for-Profit Warrior

I’ve outlined each below and shared some of the marketing strategy we apply to leverage the author’s authority position.

If you’re always winning the game you’re playing…it’s important to know which game you’re in now…and the rules for the game you want to play next.

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Which Business Building Stage are You Ready For Next?

The Empire Builder

As an empire builder, you’re ready to roll on a massive scale — nationally or internationally. You have clearly defined the product, strategy, structure, and systems of your business. You already have an audience and a strong network of supporters.

Best Marketing Strategy: Create a massive launch campaign and attain International Best Seller status. Press for as many media interviews, feature articles, speaking engagements, and podcast interviews as possible. Book sales will be a natural byproduct of your exposure efforts. Use your book as a tool to build new joint venture opportunities for even faster growth.

The Platform Builder

You’re a rising star and ready to expand your horizons steadily. This is likely a second or third career for you and you’ve spent the last couple of years testing your ideas and getting your business and brand ready for rapid growth. You know your stuff and you want recognition that is reflective of your contributions. Travel excites you, as does being in the spotlight. You have visions of speaking, coaching, and/or consulting all around the country, even abroad, and your business model makes it possible.

Best Marketing Strategy: Get even more passionate about your message and use your book as the platform to share it. Brand yourself as a champion for the topic. Use your book to meet leaders in your industry and get media attention. Securing speaking engagements and guest interviews are your priority marketing objectives. Your book is an authority builder and a profit maker. Let your marketing efforts drive retail sales.

The Local Authority

Your business model serves a defined geographic area and you know most of your clients by name. You want to create a book that clearly positions you as the community expert so that you don’t appear as another “me too” operation. Your aim is to stop “selling” and enjoy the benefits of having a book bringing pre-qualified and pre-sold buyers right to your door. Your competitors won’t be very happy about your genius marketing move.

Best Marketing Strategy: Be sure your book is designed to convert readers into contacts and clients. Now, give your book away to your ideal clients and referral partners as fast as possible. Make sure it is available on Amazon for credibility, but don’t fixate on retail sales. Your goal is to turn a $2.50 book into a recurring client agreement worth several hundred to several thousand dollars annually. Shift all your marketing to promote your book instead of your business. Tell people how and where to get a free copy. Capture email addresses when you give your book away and follow up through automation.

The Champion

Your message and your audience are most important to you. You’re likely still working for Corporate America or have another reliable income source, so profit isn’t your primary motive. Passion for your message inspires you to think bigger and try to reach more people. Paid speaking and consulting are great possibilities for you as your time and work arrangements allow.

Best Marketing Strategy: Without a back-end business model in place, your production and marketing costs are expenses. Book sales will need to be sufficient to recoup your costs and earn a profit. Individual sales are time consuming so focus on selling through groups or organizations. As you build your tribe of fans and increase your exposure to new audiences, corporate sponsorship is an appealing possibility.

The Not-for-Profit Warrior

As you devote your strength and abilities to improving others’ lives, you face the toughest marketing challenge. You must attract donors to fund operations while advertising to attract clients who need your services. You may even need Board approval to do any or all of it. While you may be paid to speak, most opportunities will “pay” in the form of exposure for your NFP mission.

Best Marketing Strategy: Take bundles of books to sell every time you speak to a new audience, and get your best supporters to do the same. Selling your book gives people a convenient way to support your NFP immediately at first and the royalties go straight to the bottom line. Be sure every book includes a call-to-action page inviting members and/or sponsors. Lead with your book to get corporate and political support for your campaign.


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