Book Writing Mistakes Business Authors Make

3 Common Mistakes Business Authors Make

Working on a book idea to grow your business? Avoid these common book writing mistakes.

In the last blog, I told you how business author Rose Lounsbury landed a NPR interview about her book and her business with a simple email.

If you watched the video interview I did with her, you also know the month after her book came out, her business income went up 6X!

The reason that Rose’s marketing strategy is working so well is that she made smart business decisions BEFORE she started writing.

And since you may already be working on your book idea, I want to share a few tips to help you develop your book and business strategy.

Most business authors concentrate on the wrong things…

They concentrate on trying to trying to share everything they know without considering what the reader WANTS or how the content will fit into their overall marketing (between social media, speaking, consulting, and sales).

Then some spend a bunch of time trying to figure out how to make the book longer.

They dig into to much detail to tell their personal story.

And they get stuck when their words don’t sound as professional as they’d hoped, so they keep reworking and reworking it.

…for several frustrating months.

And then they plan a BIG launch splash

…that lasts for a whole 7 days.

And then they’re at a loss for what to do next because their friends have all heard about the book now and shared their social media congratulations.

And now it’s buried among Amazon’s 1.8 Million Book Titles and no one else knows about it.

It’s heartbreaking and embarrassing.

But it shouldn’t be.

It should be a great experience!

Today I want to make sure you write your book the RIGHT WAY.

I want to guarantee that you love what your book does for you and your business.

So let’s dig into 3 common book writing mistakes business authors make using our client success stories to explain the principles:


3 Common Book Writing Mistakes Business Authors Make

Mistake #1 – Not getting objective business help with your book idea.

This is a biggy because a book has a HUGE impact on your brand.

It breaks my heart when someone comes to me with a book that’s almost completely written because most of the time the business owner has written the wrong book.

They were so excited about the idea they just jumped in and started writing.

And then we finally talk after they’ve invested hours working on that original idea.

It’s typically within the first 20 minutes of our first coaching call, after talking about their business goals, that the client discovers that a different book idea makes more sense for what they want.

If we’re lucky, we can adapt the existing text, but typically a lot of content gets scraped BY THE AUTHOR who now has a clearer vision of what they want…and don’t want.

I recently had a one such coaching call with a wonderful woman who ghost writes for influential female executives. These women hire her to ghost write a thick New York Times quality book to elevate their corporate career.

The writer was utterly stuck on her own book idea though – even after recording over 45 phone interviews with these women. And now all these women knew and expected portions of their interview in her upcoming book.

Thankfully she hadn’t started writing yet but she did have several hundred dollars invested in transcription fees.

She had all that great content…but NO IDEA what to do with it.

To complicate things even more, the type of book she needed for HER business was very different from the type of book her clients needed for THEIR careers.

…yet her book, her sales, and her reviews had to be a strong example of her work!

See the challenge?

(I love a good challenge!)

It only took 20 minutes to create a plan that was clearly unique, quick to implement, and magnetic to her ideal audience…and FUN for her to write!

“In 30 minutes I went from a hot mess to a hot mama!” she says.

(I’d tell what it the idea was, but I’m sworn to secrecy until she’s done!)

That’s reason #1 why you need a strategist who’s looking out for your book and your business.

Mistake #2 – Not having a clear focused message that speaks directly to your IDEAL client.

I’m currently working with an expert in the field of marketing and media.

This client is among the top in their field and highly respected nationally for his work.

Needless to say, I was very excited, and nervous when he asked for my strategic help.

(I literally paced for 10 minutes before I had the courage to call him the first time!)

But, within the first 30 minutes of our first strategy session, he saw that the book plan he was developing would have attracted low-budget clients for small jobs.

Which likely would have killed his brand and his income.

After an hour together on Skype, the two of us had reworked the strategy to attract his FAVORITE type of clients and projects and he was so excited he couldn’t wait to get started.

That’s reason #2 why you need a strategist who’s looking out for your book and your business.

Mistake #3 – Not making your book part of your sales funnel.

Let’s go back to Rose Lounsbury for this example.

When Rose called me, I could tell immediately she was a perfect candidate for national attention. Her perky personality mixed with her highly visual topic are ideal for media interviews.

The problem was her business model was built on helping clients one-on-one in their homes.

During our first call, I shocked her by spending the time not on her book, but on her business model.

For an hour, we expanded her vision and looked for ways that she could help people get organized no matter where they lived…and stop trading time for money.

She courageously jumped in and diligently worked on her book and business ideas at the same time.

Five months later she was a bestselling author of Less. Minimalism for Real, and the next month her income was up 6X!

That’s reason #3 why you need a strategist who’s looking out for your book and your business.

So now I’ve shown you 3 book writing mistakes to avoid, let’s wrap this up with some inspiration to set you on the right path as a business author.

Do This for a Business-Building Book:

  • Start by focusing on your IDEAL clients. Write to the people you love working with and for whom you can make the greatest impact. Be picky. It’s your book.
  • Second, determine the ONE THING you can help them get results with first. Don’t try to cover everything in one book. Narrow your focus and theirs so you don’t leave them overwhelmed.
  • Finally, be specific on what they should do NEXT. You’ll make a greater impact (and more money) helping people through professional services than you ever could in a book alone. Plan your content and marketing to allow your IDEAL readers become your IDEAL clients.

Once you have that vision in place, it’s pretty easy to get excited about writing your book…which makes getting it done easier too.

Hope that really helps and inspires you.

If you’d like my personal help with your book, click here to tell me about yourself and set a time for us to talk by phone.

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