Marketing Assessment

Ready to finally focus on sharing the message you’re most passionate about?
The following questions will help you analyze your strengths and your growth areas so we can focus on what matters most as you develop your game plan for growth. Score each area below and then circle 1-2 items for us to discuss in more depth.

How Would You Rate Yourself?

4. This is One of My Strengths
3. I'm Doing Okay Here
2. I Need to Develop This
1. I'm Lacking in This Area

How clear is your 1-year vision?

Can you clearly define 3 goals you want to achieve by this time next year and the projects you need to complete to achieve them?

How thoroughly have you defined your ideal client?

Have you invested the time to research the commonalities of your top clients to create a single ideal profile? How well do you understand his/her goals, frustrations, personality, interests, etc?

How thoroughly have you defined your message?

Is your message clearly defined and articulated in a way that your ideal client would immediately resonate? Have you invested time to identify the top questions of your ideal clients? Does your marketing address those questions so they can confidently make a YES decision?

How thoroughly have you defined your brand?

Does your website and social media presence display visible evidence that you’re a trusted authority and/or thought leader in your niche? Do you have public reviews, endorsements or testimonials to back up your skills and the results you get for your ideal clients?

How visible are you to your ideal client now?

Are you consistently putting yourself and your brand in the spotlight? Have you found a way to get consistent quality leads or inquiries? Does a Google inquiry of your name/business lead to high quality information about you? Are people “hearing your name” regularly?

Do you have a defined process for getting people results?

Do you have a repeatable process for serving your clients? Have you “productized” your services for others so that it’s easy to tell what you do, how to start, what’s involved, and what the first ‘guaranteed’ result or benefit will be…and at what price? Do you have an obvious starting point offer?

How consistent are you with your marketing?

Have you built an email contact list of leads using an email marketing service like MailChimp, Constant Contact, SalesForce, or InfusionSoft and are you contacting them at least once a month? Do you have a well-defined on-boarding process to ensure new prospects and clients receive a consistent and memorable welcome? Do you track and reward referrals?

How confident are you about your ability to make the impact you want to make?

Are you ready and excited to make the leap to a bigger game in your business? Are your emotional and energy levels consistent enough so that completing projects feels natural? Are you surrounded by people in your life encouraging you to “Go for it!”?