How to get past customers back.

A genius but simple marketing idea.

A couple of weeks ago I received a hand-addressed, real-stamp card in the mail. A rare thing these days. (It’s worth noting that right after “lumpy mail” these mailings are always the first thing to get opened.)

The cover said “Happy Anniversary!” Inside was a greeting which effectively said:

“Just wanted to say hello and thank you for your business. It was one year ago that you first ordered from us…” 

(The entire copy writing was excellent, but in fairness to this business owner and his idea, I won’t share his entire bag of tricks unless you’re in my workshop where you get to touch and feel this card and many other cool examples.)

The envelope also contained a nice quality plastic credit-card-like $25 gift card towards a future purchase, and (geniusly) a business card with a QR code for fast access directly their online catalog.

That is a great way to get a customer back!

Here’s what immediately entered my mind:

“How nice of ‘J’. That’s really clever. Has it been a year already? I use that product all the time. I wonder what else they sell that I might like. I think I’ll scan that QR code because my phone is right here next to me. I might get a good deal on something; besides, it would be fun to reward ‘J’ with more business since he sent me a card. He’s such a nice guy…”

For less than $2-4 in total cost (if you count the stamp, card, and enclosures) he recaptured a ‘lost’ buyer. Genius.

Versions of this idea would easily work for any business model – not just a retail product business like his.

In fact, a simple follow-up system like this is one of the 4 Essential Marketing Systems I help you build in my Marketing Breakthrough Workshop. During class, I’ll show you how to design something like this for your business to reward and build customer loyalty and get more referrals.

(You can get the details here:

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