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DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS STRATEGY Closed Sundays is not about religious law or judgment. It’s about running a business differently. Remarkably.

What makes your business different?

There are a lot of nice people in the world. What makes a Christian business owner different than a nonbeliever with a good reputation or unusual success?

Is there a reason to build a successful business that’s far more rewarding than supporting your family? If so, what is it?

And exactly how do you integrate your faith into your business? How can you do it without losing customers?

As a marketing coach and a Christian in business, I was curious so I decided to research this idea of building a Kingdom business.

CLOSED SUNDAYS is an Unusual Marketing Book on Faith in Business

The people you’ll meet in CLOSED SUNDAYS don’t compartmentalize life. They’re consistent. Intentional. Generous in spirit. Courageous and confident, yet humble. The more you get to know them, the more you want to know them.

They’re different.

Peculiar to the outside world in a good way.

They have a strong heart for God and a passion to do tremendous things in the marketplace.

And that’s exactly what God needs in a lot more of us.

CLOSED SUNDAYS is an inspiring study of how Christian entrepreneurs of all types are stepping into positions of influence to build Kingdom businesses attractive to people of all beliefs – or unbeliefs. People who can’t always put their finger on why they like doing business with them, suffice to say “there’s something different about them”.

It’s about standing out in a good way. Not as a religious freak or by hanging a sign on the door that says “For Christians Only.” It’s a matter of building a brand reputation that welcomes all and invites everyone to experience the goodness of the Christ’s love.

Inside the book, you’ll discover some of these business leaders’ peculiar differences. The surprising reasons behind their business decisions, and where the toughest battles really occur.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon now.

I hope you find encouragement and insight in their stories.

Here’s what you WON’T find in these pages: You won’t find admonitions to keep certain religious laws, judgements of right versus wrong, or a bunch of cited scriptures. If you’d like to begin a bible study on marketplace ministry, there are many great books on those matters, a couple of which I will reference in the Notes section at the end of the book.

Our work is just to explore one question here: “How can we go about our Father’s business in our business?”

Click here to get the book and bonus interviews.

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