How to create an autoresponder series

So you did a few things right and you’ve got leads coming to you and to your website. Awesome! Now we need to make sure we convert these leads into buyers – even if (or especially) if they’re not ready to buy just yet.

To begin, you must remember on average it will take 5-12 touches to turn a prospect into a client. Today, I’m going to show you how to automate five (or more) of those touches by using a simple email autoresponder series.

An autoresponder is an email service which sends your emails at specific intervals based on the day your prospects name waemail autoresponders entered into the system. You can plan for anything from 1 to 100+ emails to be sent automatically. You need an email service provider to manage autoresponders for you.

There are two primary ways to input a lead’s name into the system. By law, your prospect must give you permission to be placed on your email list…so please don’t start spamming prospects with unrequested emails. Here’s how to do it properly:

The Off-line Lead:

You meet “Judy”, an ideal prospect at a networking event. Judy states she will be in the market for your product or service soon…but she clearly isn’t ready to schedule an appointment. You tell Judy that you have a free report that will help her make the right decision when she is ready, and you ask her if you may email it to her.

The On-Line Lead:

“Mike” found your website over the weekend and he’s excited about what you have to offer because Mike also plans to make some changes in the coming weeks and you might be the perfect solution. He sees on your website that you offer a free report about your industry topic and he enters his email address to receive it.

Awesome! Let’s automate the follow-up. For Judy, you must be diligent to enter her name manually into the system. For Mike, you simply need to tie his email request to your autoresponder. In either case, your email service provider will have a video showing you how to set up an autoresponder series using their tools.

Your job is to write the emails. This may take a bit of time, but remember, once it’s done it can run for months without your attention!

Here’s a simple 5-step campaign to help you turn a lead into your client:

Email 1: Sent immediately

This email should welcome the prospect and deliver your free report (or video tutorial). Be friendly and share something slightly personal about you or your business.

Email 2: Sent on day 3

Say hello and remind them that you’re just following up to make sure they received/read the report. Resend the report or video link just in case they didn’t read the first one. Include an interesting tip about your industry that may surprise or delight them. They’re most likely to unsubscribe at this point if they feel like you’re just emailing them to sell-sell-sell, so offer something helpful such as a resource link or quick how-to advice. Include your contact info of course.

Email 3: Sent on day 7

Share a case study or a testimonial. Try to link it to the specific advice you shared in your free report.

Email 4: Sent on day 30

Say hello and remind them it’s been a few weeks since you emailed them last. Tell a quick client story and then remind them how to get in touch with you if they’re ready to start.

Email 5: Sent on day 60 (and 90, 120, etc)

Pop in to say hello and share a quick story about a client and their results. Remind them exactly what they need to do when they’re ready to start working with you.


That’s it! You can keep going and add more emails if you like but at least these 5 emails will automate enough of the follow-up to keep the ball rolling and that’s a HUGE time saver for ou!

Pro Tip: If you have a e-newsletter, set your email autoresponders to go out on specific days other than your newsletter day. That way you won’t hit a prospect with two emails from you on the same day.

Ideas without Action is Useless

Block time on your calendar now to get this work done. Start with one hour to learn how to use your email service provider’s autoresponder system. I recommend you set up empty email templates while you’re learning. Then block another 2-3 hours in the next 7 days to write the emails and turn the service on!

P.S. If this idea helped you, please comment below. I love hearing from you.

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