How to Get 3 New Clients Right Away

Growing your business is as much mindset as it is skill.

Three things you can do today to get over the hump and get three new clients right away:

1. Make room for them. If you’re already stressed and swamped, you’ll find your mind wanting more clients, but your subconscious blocking any movement to secure them. It’s like having one foot on the gas and one on the brake. Craft out space for them. It sounds simple, but start by creating three new files labeled Client A, Client B, and Client C and then identify time on your schedule where you could start work on the projects.

2. Get clear on what type of work you want. Write out a note on what projects you’d like to do for those clients. Start dreaming about it. Let your subconscious get to work on it.

3. Determine where those clients are already gathered. Are they already someone else’s client for a related service? Is there something they’ll do or buy right before they’d need your service? You can find them one-by-one, or look for them in a group.

4. Go get them. Do whatever it takes to get their attention. Now, before you yell at me “If I knew what to do, I’d be doing it!” Let me share a story:

Yesterday I was listening to a CD about a man who was new in the insurance business. He was struggling to build a client base. He came home one evening to his wife, not looking forward to telling her that he’d had yet another bad day. He was surprised to be greeted by her excitement. “Guess what!” she exclaimed with the genuine glee of a newlywed wife. “I booked you 7 appointments for tomorrow!” Shocked, he asked her where she’d found so many interested people. “I simply opened the phone book and started calling people,” she said. (Please note: This was before the Do-Not-Call law.)

Here’s the point of the story: in the absence of a clear marketing plan, getting a client may take good old fashioned leg work. Sometimes you may not like what you need to do but I guarantee you, your new clients are out there and they want your product/service. You simply have to decide if you really want your foot on the gas and then commit fully to doing it.

The hardest part is to commit.

Now’s your chance. Below, share one thing you’re going to do to commit to getting 3 new clients over the next few weeks.

– Nicole

P.S. Not knowing how to market your business effectively isn’t your fault. It’s hard to know what to do without help. I can help. Join us for the next marketing workshop and I’ll help you break through your barriers and teach you what you don’t know now so that you have a clear focus on your goals and how to get there.

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  • dan ritchie

    Reply Reply June 11, 2012

    Hey the Calling idea is the one we are starting with. We recently had several friends come in during our Fitness Ambassador challenge, and while many went through a fitness consultation and a few signed up. We have over 50 that didn’t get a consultation and at least half of those checked they were interested in having one. So I hired a new gal starting tonight to start calling all those leads and then call all our former clients to come back in.

    • Nicole Gebhardt

      Reply Reply June 11, 2012

      It’s surprising how effective calls are. Way to go! 100 by next Thursday, right!?!

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